Who is ThinkNCLEX?

Are you having trouble passing the NCLEX? Want to make sure that you pass on the first try? Worry no more; we are here to turn your troubles into success. There are essential items that you should know before you take the NCLEX and our NCLEX Tutors are here to give you the tools needed to pass!

Our tutors are proven professionals who have a wide knowledge of the NCLEX exam and follow the ThinkNCLEX curriculum developed by our founder Austin. Austin is a Paramedic/RN that realized students that fail the NCLEX usually do not have issues with content, instead they struggle with thinking the way that the NCLEX wants them to.  He learned this by failing the test twice himself. After failing the NCLEX the second time he sat down and studied how the questions were written and stopped focusing on trying to remember the details of the content. Within 2 weeks of his discovery, he retested and passed with the minimal questions.

A couple of months went by, and a former classmate asked what book he used to finally pass, to which he explained that he did not use a new book but a new method that he had figured out on his own. Austin and his classmate spent about 20 hours at a local coffee shop going over the newly discovered training method and to no one’s surprise his classmate passed with flying colors.  Austin took the notes from the coffee shop sessions and created what he called the ThinkNCLEX Method. For years he worked with students on a word-of-mouth bases with great success. When the Covid Pandemic hit in 2020 Austin began working with students remotely and quickly discovered that he could provide his services to many more students by developing the ThinkNCLEX virtual platform.

Our main program is comprised of 16 NCLEX tutoring sessions combined with independent assignments and readiness exams. Our program will equip you with the essential knowledge required to pass. In addition to tutoring and individual assignment we provide every student with a personalized study plan based on the content that they may be struggling with.