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Everything You Need to Know About NCLEX Vital Signs

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Vital signs are one of the first things you learn in nursing school. They are an important part of the patient assessment. Vital signs are objective, meaning they are not influenced by personal opinion. In some cases they could be the only indication that something is seriously wrong with a patient. Depending on your job, you may be expected to assess and monitor vitals signs several times during your work day.

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The Best Graduation Gift for Nursing Students

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Every prospective nurse who hopes to join the ranks of practicing Registered Nurses or Licensed Practical Nurses must pass the NCLEX RN or PN. In the following guide, I offer my best advice for finding a qualified, knowledgeable, and compassionate NCLEX tutor to help study for the NCLEX.

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NCLEX Developmental Milestones

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One have the hardest set of facts to remember are the various developmental milestones.  While the actual list of milestones can be quite extensive, this article will help you focus on the most common nursing milestones on the NCLEX. If you are struggling to master these an NCLEX Tutor can certainly help! 

Cranial Nerves NCLEX TUTOR

Cranial Nerves Review

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The olfactory nerve (I): This is instrumental for the sense of smell, it is one of the few nerves that are capable of regeneration. The optic nerve (II): This nerve carries visual information from the retina of the eye to the brain. The oculomotor nerve (III): This controls most of the eye’s movements, the constriction of the pupil, and maintains …