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5 Things You Must Do the Day Before Your NCLEX Exam

Victoria Derlin, BS, RN, BSN Nursing and Student Advice, Test Tips

1. Take the Day Off

The day before your NCLEX should be all about relaxing. Take the day off from studying or working. Do something for yourself. Treat yourself to a massage or brunch out with friends.

2. Hydrate and Eat Healthy

Make sure to drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet the day before your NCLEX. You don’t want to indulge too much and then have an upset stomach the day of your test.

3. Get a Workout In

Exercise is great for the mind and body. It will help you destress and get better sleep the night of your test.

4. Pack

Get all the stuff you want to bring with you on test day together in a bag. You won’t be able to bring anything into the testing room with you but you may want to have a water bottle or snack if you take a break.

5. Get a Good Night Rest

This is easier said than done before such an important test. If you make sure to get some exercise and do something relaxing during the day it will be easier to sleep that night. Make sure to go to bed early and unwind. Your brain needs the rest before your big test day.