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The Best Graduation Gift for Nursing Students

Victoria Derlin, BS, RN, BSN Nursing Content

Have you or a loved one recently graduated nursing school? Congratulations! This is a huge accomplishment! Now it is time to party! Just kidding, actually you now have to buckle down and get prepped for the NCLEX before you can become a working nurse. Maybe just one party to celebrate your graduation won’t hurt though.

You should be proud of all your hard work and dedication. Nursing is one of the hardest majors. Nursing school includes many hours of studying, early morning clinicals, and a lot of care plan writing. You may have finished school but there is still one more very large task that you must accomplish. The dreaded NCLEX. Even though nursing school is over, you must pass the NCLEX before you can work as a nurse. There are people who have graduated from nursing school but don’t ever work as a nurse because they couldn’t pass the NCLEX. Nursing school is tough but all that effort and time comes down to passing one test.

I’m sure your professors have drilled the importance of the NCLEX into your head but now it’s crunch time. You have to structure yourself, plan out your studying, and work on your weaknesses. This can be overwhelming when you don’t have a professor telling you exactly what you have to study and when to study it.

Find a NCLEX Tutor | Private Tutors for NCLEX RN / PN Exam
You could buy one of those huge NCLEX prep books, but how in the world will you get through all those pages and test questions by yourself? You could try an online program, but how are you going to motivate yourself to sit down everyday and put in the work? These methods are overwhelming and can quickly lead to becoming burnt out and stressed. You probably feel lost, alone, and don’t know where to start.

The best thing you can do for yourself or your loved one is to invest in a tutoring service like ThinkNCLEX. They offer private tutoring services that will help keep you focused, accountable, and on track. You will gain the confidence you need to pass. You will lessen test anxiety and get prepared for the big day. You are not alone because ThinkNCLEX is here to help.

ThinkNCLEX is not just a big bank of test questions. The tutors don’t just teach you the same material you learned in school. Instead they focus on teaching you the testing strategies to pass the NCLEX. They teach you how the test is written and break it down so that you can ace it. They provide multiple readiness assessments so that they can see what your weaknesses are and what you specifically need to work on.

Find a NCLEX Tutor | Private Tutors for NCLEX RN / PN Exam

No matter how much studying you do, you are going to come across questions on the NCLEX that you don’t know the answer to. ThinkNCLEX helps you learn the best guessing strategies for these tough questions. The program has tutoring sessions that include independent assignments and readiness exams. Everyone gets a personalized plan so that you can focus your studies on the areas where you need improvement.

Instead of wasting your time with generic and overwhelming NCLEX prep books and websites, invest in an online NCLEX tutor service like ThinkNCLEX. In the long run you will save time and money by having a personalized study plan and passing the NCLEX on your first attempt. The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself.